List of CCs

It's always been one of my ambitions to achieve 100 CCs - and I'm nearly there!
Is it nearly time to retire I ask myself!

It all started with Parlu Red Barron geting my first ever CC at Midland Counties in 1986 under Terry Thorn.

Here are the dogs who brought me here:

Parlu Red Barron  
3 CCs

Kutani New Yorker 
2 CCs

Kutani Cinncinnati
18 CCs 
 Best in Show , Scottish Kennel Club 1992

Kutani Rainmaker
10 CCs

Kutani Dare To Dream
5 CCs

Kutani Soldier Soldier
13 CCs including BOB Crufts 2002

Kutani Lionheart for Ardquin
1 CC

GB/Multi Ch Kutani Reckless
13 CCs 
 Res Best in Show , East of England 2003

Kiss Kiss Kutani
3 CCs

Kutani Rogue Trader
18 CCs + 2x Group 1

Kutani Sunkissed
2 CCs

Chic Choix Kutani Charisma
3 CCs + Group 1

Kutani Love Affair at Baltoro
3 CCs

Kutani Secret Agent
4 CCs

Kutani Lightning Strike
10 CCs +Group1 + Group 2 + Group 3 + 2x Group 4

Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani
6 CCs + Group 2

GB/Multi Ch Whisborne Tia Maria
6 CCs including BOB at Crufts 2014

Kutani Skyfall
3 CC (Crufts 2014)

Kutani Heartbreaker at Baltoro
1 CC

Kutani My Girl
3CCs (including Crufts 2015)

Littondale Replay Kutani
6CCs + Group 4

Kutani Snowfall

Sandauri ShowStopper for Kutani
38CCs ( 31 BOB including BOB at crufts 2018 ) 
 Group 1 ( x 2 ) +  Group 2 ( x 4)  +  Group 3 ( x 4)   Group 4
 Best In Show Single Breed Championship Show  MLAA, LACS, LAC, W&SW
 Best in Show B.U.B.A.  2018
 Best in Show W.E.L.K.S. 2019

Kutani Shockwave

The above introduction was written a while ago.  I now have the 100 CCs plus a few more! 
My dogs have exceeded my own expectations.  I am not retiring, just yet, a lot more still to do.
As you can see from the list, there are those that just did not quite make it (Sunkissed for her stubborn ways!) and there are those that went on to great heights.  All individual characters, but all Kutani.

You can also see a list of all my foreign champions.

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