Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Favourite photo

Tia Maria 
How I adore her

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kutani Carbon Copy

 Our handsome boy Luther is now a champion in the Phillippines where he has the most amazing free life.
Thank you so much Belinda for loving this boy so much.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Deita and Oscar's babies, just 3 days old

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beautiful Mary

 This stunning girl has been in the UK for just a few weeks.  She has attended 4 champ shows and taken the Lhasas by storm.
She now has
4 CCs all with BOB, a Group 2 and has been awarded 2 BIS's at Speciality shows.
What more can she do ................

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Champion Title

Multi Ch/GB Ch Wisborne Tia Maria
I am so proud to say that she now carries her UK title of Champion, gained in three shows on the trot, all with BOB.

Monday, October 14, 2013

TM by Andrew

Our beautiful visitor Multi Ch Whisborne Tia Maria
has been with us for just a month and what an impact she has had.
She has been shown at just 2 shows and has 2 CCs, 2 BOBs and a Group 2
Thank you Andrew Brace for this wonderful photo of her.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kutani Skyfall

A great way to end a puppy career
Best Puppy In Show at SELAS Champ Shpw
Judge Jeff Luscott


Monday, October 7, 2013

Multi Ch Whisborne Tia Maria


Isn't she stunning!
Thank you Olga Ivanova for letting me bring her to the UK
A lot of people fell in love with her

LAC Champ Show

Where to begin?
We had such a fabulous day.
Oscar (Skyfall) won his junior class

I find this boy's balance stunning.
He is a handful to show but worth the every minute
Then Jill Lock wins the open dog class and the dog CC with Gino
And the icing on the cake
I took Tia Maria, my big secret, into the open bitch class which was so heavily contested.
Not only did she win the class, she then went on to take the CC and best of all, BEST IN SHOW
Our judge was breed specialist Gill Holland (Vaderlands)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Stork Is Coming

Our beautiful girl Deita is now in whelp.
Fingers crossed all goes well this time.
November can't come quick enough :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

European Dog Show Geneva

Multi Ch Whisborne Tia Maria
This stunning bitch was the BOB at Geneva.
Thank you to everyone for making it a super day for Jill and myself.  We enjoyed meeting up with old friends and making new friends.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Exciting prospect

Well our Deita is in season again.
She is to be mated to our exciting youngster Oscar (K. Skyfall)
Happy Days!
Deita (Ch Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani)

Oscar (Kutani Skyfall)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Puppy

Kutani are proud to announce that at the half way stage
Kutani Skyfall (Oscar)
is Top Puppy in Breed.
Not shown extensively but he has had an exciting puppy career.
He is a proven stud dog and is now available at limited public stud.
Sire: Ch/Dk/Swe Ch Kutani Lightning Strike
Dam: Cossy's Vanilla Sky Over Kutani (Ch/Aust Ch Kutani Secret Agent daughter)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Puppy Party & BBQ

What a great day we all had.
19 puppies in total and all so well behaved.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Swedish Champion

Our beautiful boy Noah (Ch Kutani Lightning Strike)
continues his winning ways.
Pleased to announce that he is now a Swedish Champion
taking BOB.
Thank you Anna for making this possible.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Kutani Skyfall
Best Puppy at Windsor, Three Counties and Southern Counties
Sire Ch Kutani Lightning  Strike

Monday, June 17, 2013


Introducing our new puppy
Strike a Light For Kutani (Javier)

We would like to thank Pam Ogden for letting us have this outstanding boy, he is a joy to own.
Breeding:  Ch Kutani Lightning Strike / Absosengyke Flash Harriet
Another super pup by Noah

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Luther's Adventure

This is Kutani Carbon Copy having his first adventure

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello big wide world, my name is Luther

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mia & Luther

The future- Mia Grace and little Luther

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Noah Abroad

Noah wins BOB at his first International show in Denmark
Handled by Anna Friberg (Blackboots)
2nd Day in Denmark and Noah does it again
BOB under judge Flo Fahey.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Puppy News

We have good news, bad news and a happy ending.
Ch Kutani Love Affair at Baltoro (Lizzie Lhasa)
is now mother to 6 puppies (4 girls and two boys)
This is the happy news.
Ch Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani (Deita)
didn't fair so well.  She had a difficult labour.
This is the bad news.
But the sun shone on us and Deita now has one baby boy to love.  He is black of course.
This is the happy ending.

So welcome to the world Kutani Carbon Copy aka Luther 
Our hopes are high for you.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Multi Ch Kutani Reckless

There was this special litter born in 2000
Jersey, Michael, Angus, Suzie and JK
It was one of those litters that you remember for all time.
From this litter a star was born, his name was JK
He had it all, but above all else he had the personality which shone through in everything he did.
He became a UK champion gaining BIS at Club Champ Shows and Res BIS at East of England Championship All Breeds Show.  The breed judge was Sarah Hattrell, the Group judge June Freeman and the BIS judge Val Foss.  He only lost out to the top winning Giant Schnauzer of the time.
After achieving everything in the UK we took the decision to let him shine abroad.  Juha Kares fell in love with this wonderful boy and so to Finland and the Chic Choix kennels he went.
So the two JKs shone together.
Reckless stamped his quality on many of the Chic Choix females and created his own dynasty in Finland.
We are forever grateful to Juha for giving JK a super retirement home.
For us he produced the super brother and sister, Kutani Rogue Trader and Kutani Sunkissed from which all the Kutani's now decend.
It is with a very heavy heart I tell you that JK died peacefully in his sleep this week.
Rest well JK, we and many more, will always remember you.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crufts Critique

Judge: Wendy Cain (Kutani)
A quality entry which enabled me to find just what I was looking for.
I found the mouths generally in good order although there were some outstanding exceptions! Some heads were not to my liking giving a completely wrong expression. Fronts are a huge problem especially in some of the younger classes. We do not ask for any particular angle ratio in the forequarters but the shoulder must be in balance to the upper arm which makes the dog stand true with the elbow sitting under the chest and not in front of the chest. This fault gives an incorrect lift to the foreleg on the move and a hackney type of action, flashy but not correct. The extension must come from the shoulder and not the foreleg. Many of the dogs carried their head low instead of being held high and proud which spoilt the balance of the dog on the move. I was pleasantly surprised to find most dogs with good extended ribbing and although some tails are being carried low on the back, the ‘set on’ was mostly correct. On the whole coat presentation is super. A true moving Lhasa is a sight to behold and I found a good number that fitted this criteria admirably.

1st Mesdames M & M Sutcliffe & Lewis CH NOW AND FOREVER DEELAYNE Deep red 11yr old in fantastic condition. Super shape and balance , still holding his neck strong. A little narrow in chest. Good quarters all round and seemed to really enjoy his day giving a good account of himself.
2nd Mr & Mrs L M Edwards & McDougall ZUTHIS HOT CHATTER AT QUITO SHCM Red eight year old. Good balance but topline a little slack today. Well balanced, good shape. Would like more underjaw.

Special Puppy
1st Mr & Mrs J & Mr T & Mrs S Seward & Poole ELLEONIA RICK O’SHAY TU DOMENSA My notes say ‘stunning puppy’. Grey/white parti in super coat, very much my ‘type’. Superb head, small dark eye, excellent mouth. Best of quarters fore and aft, super lay back of shoulder and corresponding upper arm. Well rib back with just the right amount of spring. Good tail set completed the picture. Moved in true Lhasa style, effortlessly. This was my best puppy dog and only lost out to the bitch for BP due to a little tiredness at the end of the day. An obvious one for his crown in the future.
2nd Mrs B Bradford’s DEELAYNE STOLEN THUNDER OVER BESANN I think this is what you call a free range Lhasa, naughty but nice. Gold boy of correct size, oozes quality, lovely head, good body proportions, moved out well. One I will watch with interest.
3rd Mr E Keenan HENEVA RAISING THE BETS Gold/white puppy in great form. Good overall balance, head and skull good shape, dark pigment, good mouth. Excellent strong neck into good shoulder/upper arm placement. Moved with ease and confidence.

Special Junior
1st Mrs E & Mrs E J & Mrs A J Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore TERENDAK DON’T BE KRUL Black/white parti boy. Attracted to him the minute I saw him. Excellent proportions. Skull and muzzle of excellent balance, good eye shape. Super mouth. Fabulous strong neck into good shoulder/upper arm and fore legs giving him a super outline and balance. Good firm body, excellent rib cage, strong loin and good tail set completed this super young dog. All this plus a great performance on the move can only mean a great contender for the future. Handled to bring out the best in him.
2nd Miss G Holland SIIMLINE QUEST FOR GLORY Attractive looking gold dog. His head is not my ideal as would like more under jaw but has a great appeal to him in other quarters. Excellent fore legs, straight and true. Good body proportions, firm and well muscled. 3rd Miss I Kocemba SYLWESTER GREENE ASTARTE GOLD Gold brindle in tip top muscular condition. Super outline, loved his overall appeal. Excellent mouth. Strode out round the ring in great style. Coat texture is a little harsh/frizzy and this needs some work, otherwise a nice dog.

1st Mr P Nowaczek KRAKUS ASTARTE GOLD When this grey dog entered the ring I thought ‘wow’ and he did not disappoint on examination. Head a little on the strong side for me but he made up for this in spades. Excellent dentition. Strong arched neck, excellent shoulder and upper arm (the best so far). Well ribbed, strong loin, good tail set. Immaculate coat condition. Has great presence. Sound true movement, superbly handled.
2nd Miss I Kocemba SYLWESTER GREENE ASTARTE GOLD (3rd in Special Junior)
3rd Mr S & Mr A Barnett & Carter AMDO QUIZ MASTER ITH ALAMIK Have seen this gold dog before and today he decided to not play the game. He has a beautiful head of moderate width and good eye shape. Mouth ok. Excellent shape and balance, level topline but this failed him on the move. Stacked he looked the picture. Sure he will get his act together again.

Post Grad
1st Mr P Nowaczek KRAKUS ASTARTE GOLD (1st in Yearling)
2nd Miss I Kocemba SYLWESTER GREENE ASTARTE GOLD (2nd in Yearling) 3rd A Williams SIMUJE VALENTINO Lovely outline, good shape. For me the head could have been a bit more masculine, excellent mouth, very good neck into shoulder placement, good quarters, tail set good. Could have done with a bit more animation on the move.

1st Mrs A E Luscott JASTINA TRAILBLAZER TO JALUS This silver/cream dog has great ringside appeal and does not disappoint with hands on examination. He is of excellent size, great proportions. Excellent strong arched neck, good front assembly, level and firm topline, hind quarters strong but not overdone, excellent tail set. His movement won him the class, unexaggerated and free. Have watched this dog mature into the stunning specimen he is now. He still needs to mature in his head but his day will not be far away.
2nd Mrs E & Mrs E J & Mrs A J Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore DOUBLETROUBLE AT TERENDAK Gold/white parti that greatly appealed to me. Loved everything about this dog. His head is just right, good chin giving him that wonderful Tibetan expression. Excellent mouth. Neck, shoulder, level topline all flowed from one to the other. Hind quarters a little stronger than 1. but this only serves to give him great power on the move. Not the finish of 1. but must have a great future.
3rd Mrs B Bushell SHIGATSE YOU CAN CALL ME AL AT JAMIKASOKA Beautiful gold upstanding dog. Good shape and very appealing in outline. Really liked his head and expression. Good front assembly although would prefer a slightly straighter fore leg. Covered the ground well with an easy free stride. I found him handsome and masculine.

This class was so full of quality I was spoilt for choice.
1st Mrs P & S Helistola-Laurila & Kopola-Hirsimaki INT/FI/SE/LT CH CHIC CHOIX ALEXANDER THE GREAT A lot of name for a lot of dog! Gold in tip top condition. Was immediately drawn to his outline and arrogant presence. His head is to die for, expression just so Lhasa, he looked right through me and gave me goosebumps. Excellent neck, strong and well arched. The best of fore quarters. Angles and ratios just perfect. Rib cage well sprung and ribbed back. Correct rib to loin ratio giving him a perfectly level topline. His rear quarters are a reflection on his front assembly, tail set excellent. The whole picture standing was perfection, and then he moves and makes the picture complete. Dog CC.
2nd Mrs J Bromley COSSY’S CHOCOLATE CHIP AT JARDENE Loved the outline of this gold/white dog. Liked him as a baby and have watched him grow into the dog he is today. Attractive head, dark eye, good chin giving a lovely kind expression. Mouth good, neck and shoulders great, forelegs good and straight, Level topline, excellent ribbing, coat of good texture. I have always liked this dog, he is sound and full of unassumed quality. Res CC
3rd Mrs M Lewis DEELAYNE DIZEE RASCAL This well known red boy is full of quality. All male head and expression, excels in neck, shoulder, upper arm and forelegs. Forelegs tucked well under the body. Well sprung body, excellent muscular dog. Super rear end and tail set on good.

Good Citizens
1st Mr J & Mrs A Reynolds LISIMO NOW I’M HERE Gold/white parti in lovely condition and very appealing. Beautiful head, excellent skull shape, mouth excellent, quarters fore and aft good. His movement is a joy to watch.


1st Mrs K Surtees ROSSGILDE THYME TO DREAM AT KATAY 7yr old gold bitch in great condition. Lovely shape, excellent topline, Liked her head shape, skull to muzzle ratio good. Good quarters which propelled her effortlessly around the ring. Gleaming coat in superb condition
2nd Mrs I Plumstead SIMARK LUCY LOCKETTE OF SHOWA black girl almost 9yrs old. Sweetest of expressions. Level topline. Coat in fantastic pristine condition. Would like a shade less length in back but otherwise a lovely girl.
3rd Mrs K Surtees KATEE COCO CHANEL 10yr old black bitch holding her own. Good shape and balance but showing her age in topline. Special

1st Mrs M Jennings COSSY’S JAY-LO I fell in love with this gold/white parti puppy girl as soon as she entered the ring, full of Lhasa naughtiness and her own importance. Exquisite balance which draws the eye. Beautiful feminine head, small dark eye, perfect mouth, sweet expression. Super neck and carriage which flowed into excellent shoulder/upper arm assembly. Straight forelegs. Good spring of rib for one so young, excellent tail set balancing the whole picture. Her movement was a joy, full of drive and joie de vivre. Great coat texture. My notes say ‘ most exciting puppy, one I want to own’. Best Puppy
2nd Miss E & Mr H Keenan & Stanley HENEVA KATE MOSS another great gold/white parti girl, shorter in back than first. Good mouth, sweet feminine head, excellent shoulder placement, good quarters all round. Her movement was free and jaunty, handled to get the very best out of her.
3rd Mrs Watts-Catley ZANAMOP ‘S TRUELY SCRUMSIOUS beautiful pale gold puppy. Thought this would be my winner as her shape and balance is so eye catching. Superb outline, exquisite head. Would like more angulation in the forequarters. She is a naughty girl but saw enough for her to get a place here in good company.

Special Junior
1st Mrs E Smith ZANAMOP’S CHASING RAINBOWS this is a wow bitch for me. Her balance is so appealing, exquisite head and eye shape, excellent all round body proportions. Ideal size. Superb coat in great condition. Just the right amount of drive and extension on the move. Liked her very much.
2nd Mrs Beddoe APSERA CHEEZD OFF this owner should not be cheezed off with this bitch as she is very nice. Has super balance, ideal head with beautiful expression and a good mouth. Her coat is a little on the harsh side but does not detract from the overall picture.
3rd Mrs V & Mrs K Clutterbuck & Paju SIIMLINE GLORIOUS CHIC ANATORIA gold bitch, good shape but a little on the leggy side for me. The coat is of good quality but a little inbetween at the moment. Moved well.

1st H J & P I Allen DEELAYNE ETOILE RUSSE WITH QUAYMORE red bitch with classic proportions. In rudest of health which showed in her gleaming coat. Super shape and size. Excellent head proportions, correct mouth. Strong arched neck flowed into correct shoulder placement, good forequarters, level topline and excellent spring of rib which was well ribbed back giving a firm sturdy body. Hind quarters excellent in balance with fore quarters. Moved soundly.
2nd M Sowinski KANASTA ASTARTE GOLD lovely eye catching brindle bitch. Another in great condition. Like her head proportions, good mouth, sweet expression. Her movement gave her this second place. 3rd Ms B Dewar-Thorlby NARMOAK THE GAMBLE FOR AARHUS well balance bitch, good size, lovely shape.

Post Grad
1st Mrs C Lawson RISHLYN ANASTASIA beautiful unexaggerated bitch. Her balance and style are very captivating. Excellent construction all round, ultra feminine, beautiful head, good mouth. Her excellent movement won her the day.
2nd Mr A & Mrs T Wiehe LISIMO MAYZI beautiful pale cream bitch, good shape and balance although carrying a little too much weight. Lovely neck into well made front assembly. My notes say ‘coat a nightmare’ so I wish the owner luck with that.
3rd Mrs S Saunders BALLELLEN BUBBLICIOUS pale gold bitch who I liked a lot. Great balance and outline. Out of coat at the moment but that will come back. Good head, strong neck, level topline, good tail set. Many of these bitches won places on their true Lhasa heads which were lacking in others.

1st Mr C Andersson-Hamill TANTRA’S MARY GRACE grey/white parti bitch who I have watched mature into the lovely lady she is today. She has a truly melting expression, excellent moderately narrow head, beautiful expressive eye. Her balance is just right, no exaggerations just true Lhasa. Her construction is faultless and her movement a joy to behold. A bitch I have loved since a puppy and one I would love to own. Res CC.
2nd Miss N Horne HOPEINNS PLAYING WITH FIRE (JW) pretty gold bitch in super condition. Superb outline, ticks all the boxes. Beautiful feminine head, strong arched neck, good quarters all round. Gave an outstanding account of herself on the move which gave her this place in strong competition.
3rd Mrs B & Miss G Yaxley CHETHANG OLESIA AT DARDANELLES gold/white parti girl, lovely head and expression. Holds herself well on the move, head erect and alert. Good topline and tail set. Moved well.

1st Mrs J & Ms S Scarll & Sykes CH TIMAZINTI’S HOPE AND DREAMS gold/white parti girl that melts my heart every time I see her. Her head and expression are exquisite, so true to the Lhasa ideal. Super black pigment. Excellent mouth and bite. Long, strong neck held at all times, excellent ribbing, strong loin, excellent tail set, best of front construction matched with equal and balanced rear construction. The icing on the cake is the fantastic coat presented to the utmost perfection. Today was her day, she owned the ring and it gave me the greatest of pleasure to award her the bitch CC and BOB.
2nd Mrs P& S Helistola-Laurila & Kopola-Hirsimaki INT/FI/SE/NO/LT CH CHIC CHOIX CLEAPATRA EURYDICE eye catching gold girl who draws your attention as soon as she enters the ring. Wonderful outline held at all times with her wonderful movement. Completely captivating. Mouth is correct although I would prefer a stronger underjaw giving that true Lhasa expression.
3rd Mrs H & Mr A Bell VALLENA ADELIA Lovely grey/white parti bitch, ideal for size, beautiful head and eye. Loved her shape and balance. Moved soundly but would like a little more umph for me.

Good Citizens
Sorry for my lack of notes on these two places as I was asked to hurry these last classes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Judging day at Crufts

What a great day
This photo was taken just before the start of my judging
and it sums up my feelings of the whole day

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crufts CC Winners

Ch Timizinti Hope and Dreams
winning the bitch CC and BOB at Crufts 2013
This stunning bitch captured my heart
A true Lhasa in every way.
Perfect balance and proportions.
Multi Ch Chic Choix Alexander The Great
winning the dog CC
A truly stunning dog.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Flowers from Alex with a wonderful message for a great day at Crufts
Thank you so much

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Week of Crufts

The outfit is ready
Hair will be done
and nails painted.
I am ready!
Friend by my side - if I can wake her up!!
Come on Alex, shake a leg  xx


Sunday, February 17, 2013


When I first came into Lhasas it was a pleasure to be amongst like minded people who had a love of this special breed.
I hung on the words of my piers and felt very special if they gave me the time of day and commented on my dog.  I remember Jean Blyth telling me to 'get the undercoat out of that dog' in her most stern school marm voice.  I was not offended, quite the opposite, I was delighted she had taken the time to say something to me.
I never opened my mouth, I just listened and learned.
Where have those days gone?  Sadly they have.
Listening and learning seems to be something of the past.
I just want to say a huge Thank You for all the people who in the past have contributed to my knowledge of this wonderful breed.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just one month to go until  Crufts
So looking forward to judging the Lhasas.
I wish you all an enjoyable day.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grand Champion

Kutani is delighted to announce that
Ch & Aust Ch Kutani Secret Agent
now carries the title of Australian Grand Champion
James has really taken to the way of life 'down under'
he has sparkled and shone in the sunshine.
So proud of our boy, and of Nina for steering him to this super title.
Thanks go to Belinda and Nina of Zaland Lhasa Apsos.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sour Grapes

Deita takes BOB and Group 2 at Manchester
This girl is such a star and has star quality.
Thank goodness Colin had the foresight to do the mating that produced a lovely litter.
Breed judge Jan Bromley
Group judge Geoff Corish
In every breed there are always those that don't accept a win for what it is, a quality dog winning.  There are always the moaners and small minded people who can't 'see it'
Sometimes these people don't have the courage to say what they are thinking themselves, they get someone else to do their 'dirty work' for them. To these people I say 'get a life, or get yourself a good dog so that you can compete with the best'
The test of a good judge is not the number of entries they pull in, but the quality of the dogs in that entry. What is the point of a huge entry if the quality is low.  Better to have a few excellent dogs to judge than to have hundreds of poor examples.


The future

Monday, January 14, 2013


Lhasas come in all colours
All as beautiful as each other
When it comes to judging, colour is secondary.
I love all the colours this wonderful breed comes in,
be it black, white, gold, cream, silver, brindle, grey or a mixture of any of these, all as beautiful as each other.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chethang Nadia

Chethang Nadia
Trader's beautiful daughter died tragically yesterday.
Our thoughts are with Jacqui and David Chalmers who are devastated.
She was a typical Lhasa, beautiful and stubborn.
To know here was to love her.
Her legacy will be the babies she has left behind.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 proved an outstanding for Kutani

Ch Kutani Lightning Strike (Noah)  - Top Lhasa
Ch Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani (Deita) -  Top Bitch Lhasa
Ch Kutani Rogue Trader -  Top Sire Lhasa
Noah and Deita were made champions in this year.
Trader Top Sire for the 4th time running and this gorgeous boy died 4yrs ago before his 5th birthday.
Noah has had a Group 1, G2, G3 and 2 G4s
Deita ended the year with a G2 and she is not yet 2yrs old.
I can only say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all the judges that have helped make this possible. 
I am truly over the moon.
Our next generation is waiting in the wings
Hopefully they will maintain this amazing standard.