Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sour Grapes

Deita takes BOB and Group 2 at Manchester
This girl is such a star and has star quality.
Thank goodness Colin had the foresight to do the mating that produced a lovely litter.
Breed judge Jan Bromley
Group judge Geoff Corish
In every breed there are always those that don't accept a win for what it is, a quality dog winning.  There are always the moaners and small minded people who can't 'see it'
Sometimes these people don't have the courage to say what they are thinking themselves, they get someone else to do their 'dirty work' for them. To these people I say 'get a life, or get yourself a good dog so that you can compete with the best'
The test of a good judge is not the number of entries they pull in, but the quality of the dogs in that entry. What is the point of a huge entry if the quality is low.  Better to have a few excellent dogs to judge than to have hundreds of poor examples.


The future


  1. wendy you have had and have some lovely dogs
    we all get bad sportsmanship in our breeds if we do well just let your dogs do the talking

  2. Crikey Wendy...that's telling 'em!! Pay no attention, I wouldn't.


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