My Dogs

When I first came into Lhasas I spent a deal of time sitting around the ringside looking at the dogs being shown.  I wanted to see what kennels had the dogs that appealed to me and to give me an idea of what direction I wanted to go. 
This was the master plan I came up with: I wanted the soundness of the Hardacre bitches and the excitment of the Saxonsprings males.
I wanted to produce a line that people would recognise, stamp my own design on the breed.  Sounds ambitious, then and now, but I have stuck to my guns and I like to think that a Kutani can be 'spotted' whoever is handling it.
I have a lot of people to thank along the way for their advice and guidance, and, if asked, I will always share this with others.
Look at my dogs heads.  Look at Reckless, then Rogue Trader and Secret Agent. Look back at Dare To Dream or Soldier Soldier, there is not much difference between them.  I was looking at some old photos and couldn't decided if it was a photo of Trader as a puppy or one of the others, they all looked the same. 
They are all from the same mould. The Kutani mould.