Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kutani champions abroad

Since sending Ch Kutani Secret Agent to Australia I was wondering how many Kutani Champions had been made up abroad.

Here is the list:

Swedish Ch Kutani Winter's Tale

Swedish Ch Kutani Emmanuell

Grand Australian Ch Kutani Voyager

Australian Ch Kutani New Yorker

Ch/Australian Ch Kutani Dare To Dream

Ch/Irish Ch Kutani Soldier Soldier

Australian Ch Kutani The Legacy

Australian Ch Kutani The Challenger

Swedish Ch Kutani Private Number

Danish Ch Kutani Travelling Man

Jersey Ch Kutani Codebreaker

Ch/Sw/Dk/Norw/Finn/Est/American Ch Kutani Reckless

Irish Ch Kutani Replay at Bentarsna

Ch/Australian Ch Kutani Secret Agent

Norw/DK Ch Kutani Foreign Affair

Philippines Ch Kutani Carbon Copy

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