Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blackpool Critique

This is the critique from Juha Kares (Chic Choix) who judged Blackpool Championship Show 2012.
I am so proud of my two special dogs. 

Noah:  Cain's Kutani Lightning Strike. CC. What a handsome stallion this dog was. As he was standing in the wet ground he did not mind at all. This male with perfect Lhasa Apso proportions caught my eye in a heartbeat. He had an outstanding masculine head and expression. His shoulders were well laid back and topline was to die for. Well arched neck made the picture perfect. He was such a sound mover and carried his super profile to perfection even in this terrible weather. This handsome dog is really a world class Lhasa Apso. It was such a pleasure to judge this very strong class and I was so happy to find such a great winner.

Deita:    Cain's Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani. This is a Lhasa Apso. She is full of breed details. As this divine Lhasa Apso is looking to you the look is just what it should be. She gave me chills. This is the Lhasa Apso charisma, why we all love this Tibetan breed so much. As this superior female was standing on the wet ground I could not see clouds or rain. I did not feel cold. There is something very special about her. She is ideal in size, she had very nice body proportions. She has just the perfect amount of body. It is very rare to find Lhasa Apso with perfect volume of bone. For me this girl had just the volume and shape of bone I want to see with a Lhasa Apso bitch. She moved and carried herself so well. She had nice frontlegs. But I knew she was my winner the moment she stepped in the ring as she had the superior breed type and charisma that makes Lhasa Apsos such a special breed. Therefore it was crystal clear that she was my BOB.

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  1. A very well deserved critique Wendy, outstanding.

    Loving the pics of you with Noah and Dieta as well... really fabulous.
    It won't be long before Dieta has her third CC and becomes a champion.
    Well done again x


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