Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blackpool Champ Show

What an amazing day !! The double !!

Kutani Lightning Strike takes his 7th CC
but the star of the show was our Deita,
Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani
taking her first CC and beating her favourite boy to BOB
We are so grateful to Juha Kares (Chic Choix, Finland)
for thinking so highly of our black diamond.
Photo is of the pair of them when we got back home, covered from head to foot in mud.

Congratulations must go to Deita's breeder Colin Andersson
This is his first 'homebred' CC and to get BOB as well is an achievement.

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  1. I have just seen this! No idea why. Thank you. So glad I didn't go as i would not have got in due to the mud but would lovbe to have seen Deita win. Thank you so much for all you both do for her. She is clearly a happy and well loved girl.


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