Monday, November 28, 2011

Tantra's Plenty O'Toole Isa Kutani

The beautiful Deita winning BPIS at the LAC Champ Show
Thank you to judge Paul Stanton.
She followed this with BPIS at NOELAC Champ Show
Thank you to judge Teresa Weihe
And thank you to everyone for all you lovely comments.
Not to be outdone, her sister Tantra's Pussy Galore,
 won BPIB at Midland Counties champ Show
Judge Jeff Luscott.


  1. Lovely Deita looks fab., Oh those colours Wendy look just like chocolate and cream trifles...and Pussy Galore is lovely. I am amazed at how Lordly Max looks but he's still "kiss my..." Max. cheers sonya

  2. Deita is a cracking looking girl, really love her. Her coat is superb looking, really thick and glossy - would love to know where the name Plenty 'O Toole came from! LOL. Just been looking through the pics on here and I think Thomas looks more like Max than Noah. He is the most lovable rogue you could imagine with a HUGE personality :)



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