Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How come I have a new puppy?!
Have said I am cutting down, no more dogs.
Then I go and view a litter by James and totally fell in love with them all - of course I brought one home with me,
so, introducing Sky, the naughtiest loveable pup.
She is totally line bred to Trader, what a joy ***


  1. Awww Lovely little girl...
    Hugs from Christine

  2. Hi Wendy, how come Sky has brown patches on his face when Trader was practically all cream/white? Being a novice I don't understand. Will Sky be the same colour as Trader eventually?

  3. Sky will end up exactly the same colour as Trader and her sire, James. The gold colour pales considerably with age.

  4. She is stunning Wendy and just the pedigree I love x

  5. Oh wow she is a beauty i adore her head you can definetly tell she is one of yours!


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